Thursday, June 3, 2010

Conference on Ecomonic Degrowth Presentations

From Friday 26 to Monday 29 March 2010 the Second International Degrowth Conference took place at the historic building of ‘Universidad de Barcelona'. 500 scientists, civil society members and practionners from more than 40 countries attended the conference.

Thirty years ago, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen published a book in French with the title “Demain la Décroissance” (Degrowth Tomorrow) (1979). The organizers of the Economic Degrowth Conference says, “Aujourd’hui la Décroissance” (Degrowth today). The economic crisis of 2008-09 brings a new perspective. Economic degrowth can be good for the environment but it must be socially sustainable.

The 2nd international conference on economic degrowth for ecological sustainability and social equity followed from the first international conference (Paris, April 2008), that took place with the support of the European Society for Ecological Economics, Club of Rome (Brussels/Europe), Telecom Sud-Paris and SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute)

Conference Presentations

Managing degrowth: Employment, Security and the Economy under a Degrowth trajectory
  • Blake Alcott: Degrowth and ‘unemployment’; Guaranteed jobs?
  • Gjalt Huppes & Ruben Huele: Degrowth with an aging population; increasing leisure for improving the environment. The key role of pensions and their funding
  • Richard Douthwaite: Why the global debt burden means there will be no recovery
  • Colin C.Williams & Richard White: Transcending the depiction of market and non-market labour practices; implications for degrowth
Beyond Sustainable Development: Sustainable Degrowth towards a Steady-State Economy
  • Brian Czech: The Chicken/Egg Spiral; "Reconciling" the Conflict Between Economic Growth and Environmental Protection with Technological Progress
  • Daniel W. O’Neill: Measuring progress towards a steady state economy
  • Ernest Garcia: Sociology and de-growth: social change, entropy and evolution in a way-down era
  • Nicholas A. Ashford: Pathways to Sustainable Development; Co-optimizing Economic Welfare, Employment and Environment
  • Ernest Garcia: Sociology and de-growth; social change, entropy and evolution in a way-down era
  • Jacques Lauriol: L’Economie de la Fonctionnalité; Une voie nouvelle pour une décroissance soutenable
Degrowth, Capitalist Institutions and Democracy
  • Pascal van Griethuysen : Implementing Degrowth; Evolutionary Economic Perspectives:
  • Barbara Muraca: Growth, Degrowth, and Justice; A scrutiny of ethical and anthropological assumptions in growth and degrowth
Growth is unsustainable. Long live degrowth?
  • E. Bilancini & S. D’Alessandro: Happy Degrowth vs Unhappy Growth
  • Joaquim Sempere: Degrowth; Proposals and Questions
Making it real. Practical transformations towards degrowth
  • Jørgen Stig Nørgård: Sustainable degrowth through more amateur economy
  • Dick Urban Vestbro: Saving by Sharing – Collective Housing for Sustainable Lifestyles
  • David Barkin: Constructing alternative degrowth strategies; Experience from rural communities in Latin America

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