Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment

Chris Martenson is now dedicating his life to educating people, or giving them a "Crash Course" on the three E's: the Economy, Energy, and the Environment, so they can make better choices in the future. He wants people to understand:
  • How completely dependent the 3e’s are on each other
  • The unsustainable current trajectory they are on
  • The changes that could have on our future (not just another housing crisis or recession, but also things like food supply shortage due to contamination, like the one we recently experienced with eggs, but on a larger scale, or the likelihood of more big natural disasters or disease outbreaks because of environmental shifts caused by global warming, etc.)
  • How to recognize those changes ahead of time and prepare yourself, BEFORE it happens
Chris first introduced this Crash Course as a video series which he offers on his website for free.

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