Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do Fossil Fuels Have A Sustainable Future?

Check out these recent speeches and papers on the Energy Crisis by Matthew R. Simmons on the web site of Simmons & Company who is the only independent investment bank specializing in the entire spectrum of the energy industry. Some examples:
  • How Did Our Energy Hole Get So Deep?
  • Two Energy Oxymorons: 1. Energy Independence 2. Energy Security
  • Have We "Peaked?"
  • Is There Light At The End Of The Dark Tunnel?
  • Investing During A World-Class Crisis
  • Do Fossil Fuels Have A Sustainable Future?
  • Planning In A Most Uncertain Environment: The Energy Challenges In 2009 And Beyond
  • The Oil Pricing Roller-Coaster: How It Impacts Energy Investment
  • The Risk Of Misjudging Peak Oil: A Real Physical Crisis
  • The Era Of Cheap Oil Is Over

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